Brigette Heller has been an Event Designer and Coordinator for over 20 years. She started young at the age of 14 helping her father dip strawberries into chocolate and creating appetizers for his company retreats, the joy of watching her contributions create memories for those in her circle started a life long love of food and Event planning.

She started her career young as an entrepreneur at the age of 18. She took her company from a small hair cart in a mall to several larger store fronts in multiple states.  After her children were born Brigette decided she would like to work from home and spend as much time with her children as possible. During the next few years she taught piano and served in various positions with nonprofit organizations.   Brigette spent time working on the Board of the Arizona Celiac Disease Foundation. Throughout her years serving on the Arizona Celiac Disease Foundation board she held positions at every level including 2 years as the President of the Arizona Chapter. She most recently spent time growing community and classrooms within a local charter school where her annual school gala brought anywhere from 10-20,000 a year. Her most cherished memories at the school not only include dreaming these spectacular galas but building strong programs with amazing parent volunteers and teachers.

Brigette is taking her experience of life in leadership positions, living in various cultures, motherhood, anxiety and events all with a side of glitter and sharing it here on Deco-crate through curating boxes, finding beautiful fabrics, YouTube videos, recipes and more!


Carianne is a master stager, creator and seer of beauty when the rest of the world has given up on something.


She is 1/3 of the most fantastic team here at Deco-crates. When she is not creating, crafting, and dreaming with some of her best friends, she is home with 3 beautiful girls and Husband of 11 years. Ty, who is Cariannes spouse and partner in crime, on call handyman,  architect, and believer in all of her big ideas. Together Carianne and Ty have created not only a beautiful home and family but some of their favorite events and adventures.


She has a drive and unbridled passion for artistic moments, She has spent most of her adult years in businesses involving creative arts. Her background ranges from photography, Business owner of a  Home Decor Sign company, Non-Profit event design,  and a license in the Beauty industry as a cosmetologist. 

When Carianne is not chasing our business growth or her girls, you can find her treasure hunting at vintage stores, building something, sipping a cold Dr. Pepper or catching up on the latest reality tv with a side of milk and oreos.



Michael Heller has been lucky to be married to Brigette for almost 20 years, but since she is writing this bio, really she will tell you she's the lucky one. Mike has been in many positions in his life and career, any where he goes, leadership is quick to see he is a straight forward, honest and hard working individual who can lead our large scale projects while precision and fun. Mike ends up a leader in each company he works for. Currently he is in the Cyber ware industry working with large and small companies to keep them safe.

Mike is a devoted dad and level 36 on Pokemon. He spends hours with his kids getting sodas, going for walks, fishing and hunting. He loves the outdoors and enjoys backpacking trips. Mike has a side venture of smoking meats, veggies, fruit or anything else he comes across for all the gathering hosted at the Heller home ( Which is ALLLLLLLL the time) . He looks forward to the day when he can start HD BBQ and serve those he loves full time through yummy food.

Mike has always been involved with Brigettes business ventures. He offers technological help and input as well as business work behind the scenes. When they had their wedding business 20 years ago he was the self proclaimed " Drink taster" as that was his favorite part of setting up the events.

For Deco-Crate he will be working on line, in meeting and set up to provide the much needed support it takes to run Deco-Crate LLC.

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