It's a Winter Wonderland

This winter wonderland crate was not in the original crate plans, but when one of our favorite little girls requested a special birthday party with a winter theme we couldn't resist going all out.

These times are so different and unique. Big parties are not always possible but a magical moment can still be achieved with a little love and planning. Deco-Crates is always happy to incorporate new ideas as we collaborate with you on each special day, so keep those beautiful ideas coming.

This crate holds a special place in my heart, it brought back so many memories! I spent many happy hours in the winter land of magic singing, reading and visiting with kiddos all over the valley wearing my finest blues, white and silver.

These days spent wearing my very favorite colors and covered in sparkles are some of the sweetest memories I have as an aunt. Who wouldn't want to be the embodiment of magic for their sweet nieces and nephews? I often felt like Parry the Platypus though because when the cape was on, I was MAGIC..... when the cape was off.... I was " Aunt Boo". It was actually hilarious.

So now that we have taken that trip down memory lane, lets talk about the crate. One of the distinct attributes of a Deco-Crate are the fabric choices we make for each table-scape and this crate is no exception. The white iridescent fabric brings texture and light to the scene instantly transporting you to a place that feel otherworldly.

We waited in line for over two hours just to get into the store to find this fabric which was almost $30.00 a yard! But once we saw it, we fell in love and needed it.

The other elements of the crate that we were excited to have were the items we were physically creating. We wanted to have a cute banner which seemed so easy to make, but in the end what happened was that I learned about the importance of felt glue and had to redo it twice. The pinterest fails are just something I always make sure to do for you so that you don't have to! HA!

Carianne took lead on making our cupcake holder mountains, the mountains nest inside each other as they are packed away and come apart to be displayed in all their majesty when they are on the table. The mountains were hand crafted and then stained in 3 colors. While I love the fabric- if I had to choose a second stunner in the crate- these mountains take the cupcake for sure!

The stumps and tree rings you see in the pictures came directly out of the White Mountains in Arizona cut for us by one of our sisters. They smell amazing and look beautiful on the table. The backdrop behind the table is light, sparkly and custom made by us. It brought a magic level way up and can be added on to your crate rental.

I included this fun video- because it's fun! Of course we don't own the rights to this fabulous magic- but you can rent it all HERE.

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