Oh Baby! What is it going to be? This Gender Reveal crate considers all the details you thought about for that moment when time stands still and you get to reveal the next step in your parenthood journey.

Every detail for your refreshment table is included and enclosed in a balloon reveal box. The neutral three tier metal trays and cake stands allow for plenty of assorted savory snacks or sweets. The letter boards, and chalkboard can be customized putting you in control of the details if you want to adjust your theme. The beaded strands, rustic elephant, wicker chargers, plaid runner, and felt garlands add a soft, organic look keeping this table completely gender neutral.

One of my favorite parts about this crate is the crate, because the crate itself is part of the celebration!

This custom built has all the details in mind. It has been built lightweight for easy transport, but large in size for picture perfect proportions. It has locks on both sides to prevent that early release by that curious family member, and handles for two when the moment is ready. There is a tie in the bottom of the box securing those balloons for just the right second when everyone wants that excited picture. The Exterior aesthetic has just as many details as the interior contents. With a chalkboard front you can customize your theme, or just keep a tally of guesses! Don’t want a chalk front? Just flip it around for a natural stain side.

Without the worry of finding a cardboard box, painting a cute design, and tracking down table details you can sit back, relax and dream of the days you will have that snuggly baby cradled in your arms.

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