Under the Sea

It's interesting the journey each crate takes, one would think its an easy thing for us to throw together, come up with and idea and just make it happen. I have found though, that usually what we think will be the " easiest" crates are actually the hardest ones and that those we already had worked on in previous events are the trickiest to bring the extra magic that is our signature trademark to a smaller setting. The Mermaid Crate was absolutely no exception.

We had spent a year creating an underwater world for a gala event, it seemed only logical that we could use those same ideas for our mermaid crate- and yet when we put it all together it initially lacked any real magic. We ended up starting over, purchasing and making more items and then re-staging them again, this time we found our mark.

So without further ado, I share with you.... The Mermaid Crate:

This Beautiful Crate includes all the bobbles and thing-a-ma-bobs you could ever want. Your tablescape has never been as elevated or simple to plan for, we used crystal rock candy, fruit, pearled gumballs, donuts and cupcakes all purchased from walmart, of course YOU can elevate it by contacting one of our favorite dessert designers, but this table is beautiful and it shines even without the food.

We made THREE handmade banners for this one. An adorable mermaid felt banner that has a vintage vibe to it, a turquoise mermaid and anchor banner and the silver tassel banner that took FOREVER to cut into tiny stripes and tie. My floor had silver sparkle on it for weeks, it made my husband so happy- HA! (and that my friends in why you let us create the messy parts of your gathering!)

The whale tail that you notice on the top of our cake stand I have literally had in my home, with the tags on it for almost 6 years. I love whales, dolphins and all the beautiful things in the sea. As a child I spent hours with my cousins and sisters singing, swimming with our legs crossed like mermaids and truly convincing ourselves that secretly we MUST be mermaids or else how could be we so darn good at swimming like them? When I saw the whale tale in the store I was drawn to him and I knew he belonged somewhere but I could never find that RIGHT place. When we began re-creating this crate I realized he had finally found his home and he brings a bit of much needed gold to the silvery tones of this crate.

That is one of the coolest parts of Carianne and I officially beginning this Deco-Crate journey for you, its that we have been building it for YEARS. It took us a while to

see it, but when we came to the place of understanding that is was our life calling and we had been building it forever, it was eye opening. Who else buys random very special items hoping they will have a place? Who else builds pinterest boards for " future events" or "Weddings" or " I can make that" all surrounded around a " just in case" thought process because we have been BUILDING this for years.

I had the sweetest friend say " I want to use you for a gathering because I worked with you in the past and saw what you did- I can't wait to dream with you" it was the best compliment I could have received. So, while I digress for the crate- I think these blogs are a chance for the reader to know the people they are supporting and employing. We are dreamers and creators with whom the passion lies in giving YOU and your loved ones a little happiness and magic to each of your gatherings.

SO, back to the magical Mermaid Crate, here's what you need to know, pictures do not do it justice. Light reflects off each piece, every piece in it was painted, gathered or created directly by us. This crate was not only just a cute idea but is a reflection and piece of what the larger gala looked like- total immersion into an under the sea world. It's a show stopper and you can rent it today, RIGHT HERE!

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