Unicorn Magic

The thing about Carianne and I that you need to know……

When you approach us with an idea, we are going to take it to the next level, EVERY-TIME. So, when my sweet friend called asking if we could do a unicorn party for her, our ideas and thoughts quickly escalated to this:

What could have been rainbow colored knick-knacks and disposable items quickly became an elevated pastel dream full of sparkle. We knew we needed a few things:

  1. Special unicorn props

  2. Gold

  3. Rainbows

  4. GLITTER, LOTS of (contained) GLITTER

First the unicorns:

We found these beautiful 5 ft and 6 ft ladies at a local Unicorn Cupcake shop. The owner was so sweet and wanted them to go to the best home. We bonded over horse riding and nonprofits and knew it was a good fit. Just loading them onto the truck took 4 people and 6 tie-downs. We drove the freeways at the lowest possible speed and had multiple people slowing down to film the journey! HA.

While the beauties were everything our heart could dream of, the colors were not in line with our vision and so we spent the next week sanding and adding layer upon layer of magic to get the texture we wanted.

Once the ladies were beautified, it was time to create the magic behind them. I went to work sewing hours upon hours the curtains for the TWO backdrops we would need for the party. As I always say, event design needs depth, texture and layers. Our backdrops are no exception. For the White, purple and pink unicorn backdrop we used silver curtains, white and rainbow glitter curtains, a shimmery purple curtain and THEN we layered this amazing rainbow/sparkly mesh on top of that. It was hours of creating to get just the right soft, magical feel.

For that same backdrop, we wanted to make our unicorn able to allow the smallest riders to take a picture on her. With this in made stability and safety were our highest priorities. Many discussions, ideas and drawings were submitted around the dinner table but ultimately none of them felt right. One day I went to visit with a dear friend who is moving, as I was leaving she said “ you want the stage?”. IT WAS PERFECT! Well built by her brother, lights and perfect height for our little party goers…. We rushed it home and I tried it out to make sure it was safe and could hold the weight. (We keep it under 50 LBS, while I am OBVIOUSLY NOT that, safety was the goal! LOL)

But the color did not fit our pastel dream and so I offered to hire one of our younger and amazing employees (My daughter) to sand it down, we stained it with a grey stain and sealed it with multiple layers of clear coat.

And so, when we combined all the elements- we had this to show:

Now on to the rainbows. I included a picture below of how we communicate and create ideas through text, as two busy moms almost all of our work is done through facetime, phone calls and text. It can feel insane at times but the magic always comes together.

We did a light water wash on the rainbows to get the colors a little lighter and allow the wood to take center stage, we LOVE how they turned out!

So now we have finally made it to party day. The Rainbows are compete, our Unicorns are ready to show off, our gold trays have been shipped to the house, the fabrics sewn, we just had to put it together for one of our favorite girls:

There is now way this party would have been complete without our partnerships too! Karen from Say it Signs and Jackie from Macs by Jac brought it all home for us.

Karen not only did the customized name sign but an adorable unicorn shirt for the birthday girl. Jackie, is always up for my crazy timelines and ideas and provided 24 HUGE 6 inch unicorn cookies and at least that many Macaroons (My FAVORITE!) in a variety of fruit flavors. They were so beautiful I had to take lots of pictures!

Cleaning up was a bittersweet moment. Putting together a dream party, table-scape or event for a client is always a whirlwind of creativity, stress and fun. Seeing the dream come together and watching the kids jaws drop to the ground, its all we hope for! This party was a privilege to put together and we hope there will be many more unicorn dates in the future! If you would like to rent our unicorn table-scape, the beautiful unicorns themselves or have us put together your next event, call or email us today! I can’t wait to create for you!


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