Welcome to the Big Top

Welcome to the Big Top!

There is so much fun in this crate it is hard to even know where to start. I decided to ask my two little girls what their favorite details were. The results surprised me.

Daughter 1: The Circus curtains

Daughter 2: The decorative gumball machine

The circus curtains are definitely a nod to the original “Big Top” theme. With the fine stripes, and horizontal orientation, it is a nod but doesn’t fall into the literal copycat tribute. The decorative gumball machine is a vintage piece that has maintained its residence in my homes for many years. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and with no purpose in mind I bought it. Fast forward to now, and now I know it was just waiting for its debut in this new adventure.

The framed vintage posters were found in one of our favorite pickers paradise locations. This place is so dreamy that when I step out of the car I feel a reverence for the items and the lives they have led to find a new home with people like us who appreciate them.

We traveled hours and as usual were not disappointed. We found two vintage circus posters that were begging us to be framed, and featured in their own theme.

As we worked on this crate assembly,our vintage pieces inspired some research to understand the events and history they may have encountered in their journey to our crate. A few facts included

  • Did you know the first modern circus was opened in 1768?

  • Circuses were based on ancient civilizations like Egyptian, Chinese, Indian, Greek, Roman, Norse, Aztec, and the Polynesians inspired juggling.

  • Circus performers also consider whistling, or eating peanuts backstage bad luck.

Our elephant was another vintage piece that we knew we could not pass up. He required minimal repair from our resident fixer (Ty) but it was worth the work to have this beauty front and center ready to hold onto the prettiest balloon bouquet of your choosing.

The juggling pins, our gold monkey, the wood barrel buckets, cotton candy holder, gold table overlay and pom pom garlands are just cherries on the beautiful circus sundae that was within our inspiration pieces. The popcorn machine was an add on that couldn’t be missed. You cannot attend the circus without the aroma of light, buttery goodness filling the air.

During the whole creation process of this crate, we would be dismissed to say it didn’t supply joy in every step. Every detail we found, tried, and worked through was fun start to finish and that is what makes me believe in the magic of circus.

If your interested in renting this fun, interactive crate- check it out HERE.

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